The small turbine of 20-30 kW capacity will be installed in Kokoszki District, in the Gdansk, at local industrial area, near some factories and will be connected to the grid. It will be visible due to the location closed to roads intersection and railway.

Main drivers to join SWIP

The Pomeranian Province (Pomorskie Voivodeship) is situated in the North of Poland, on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. The Region borders on the East with the Russian Federation. The province has 316 km of coastline, which constitutes about 60% of the whole coastline of the country. Forestation of the Province is about 37% , agriculture areas 51%. There are good wind conditions in the Region for installation of wind turbines. There is total wind energy capacity installed of ca.300 MW – all inland, big turbines. Small turbines are very rare, some of them are installed in combination of small PVs along the roads or at sport facilities.
There is national RES target within EU 3×20% goal to reach 15% of RES in the energy mix till 2020. Following national goals the Regional Strategic Programme on energy and environment -Effective Pomerania 2020 (2013) assumes 15% RES share in electricity production in roku 2020 in Pomerania Region (9,96% in 2011).
The pilot project for installation of 20-30 kW will be placed in Kokoszki – an industrial district of Gdansk City in Pomerania. SWT location is surrounded by factories and store houses with heights ranging from 10-20m. The area is flat, situated approx. 130-140 meters above sea level. Spatial plan of Kokoszki allows installations of up to 30 m.
SWT will be constructed on the plot owned by contruction company – Przedsiebiorstwo Budowlane Kokoszki. The owner has agreed for location of the SWT on this area.
SWT will be connected to the grid. The location will be well visible from the nearby roads.


Technical sheet

  • Commune Population: 460 tous
  • Commune Area: 261 km2
  • Demo Neigbourhood: Kokoszki industrial district of Gdansk City, placed in north-western part of the city.
  • Climate: moderate with maritime elements.
  • Use: business, comerce, logistics.

Performance within SWIP

The demonstration of SWIP in Kokoszki District will represent the integration of an 20-30 kW horizontal axis wind turbine in a industrial environment. The aim of this demonstration is showing a design integrated in a industrial area, which supplies clean energy and including the following solutions to be tested in a real scenario:

  • New horizontal axis blades design for 20-30 kW SWTs.
  • New concept of energy generator with magnetic gearbox.
  • Aesthetic solutions for the integration of SWTs into industrial areas.
  • Noise and vibration mitigation solutions.
  • Integration of the SCADA system for monitoring and preventive maintenance.
  • Wind resource assessment methodology validation for industrial areas.

SWIP Replication potential

KoKoszki District has a unique location close to the sea. This allows the analysis of the new wind turbine design in open areas with sea wind, so it can provide helpful data not only for onshore wind turbines but also for offshore wind turbines. The situation of the place where the demonstrator will be installed is in an industrial area, which permit the analysis of its integration in this kind of areas. Replicability is one of the aims of SWIP project, so one of the purpouses is the future integration in more complex industrial areas.

Pilot targets

The main target within Kokoski Pilot site demonstrator is to install and monitor the performance of the new small wind turbine developed in the framework of SWIP project, and compare real operation with the theoretical goals expected. Moreover, as a long wind resource assessment campaign has been carried out in the location, the new methodology for wind resource assessment in urban areas will be tested here, in order to improve and depurate it during the project execution. Different solutions will be tested within here, aminly the magnetic gearbox and new concept for energy generation within SWTs, which implies an important progress beyond current technology.