WP9 – Dissemination and exploitation

//WP9 – Dissemination and exploitation
WP9 – Dissemination and exploitation 2017-05-29T07:17:11+00:00

Main Objective:

To deal with the dissemination issues (aiming at disseminating the project results and achieving the highest possible project impact and visibility) and the exploitation ones (aiming at paving the way for further industrialisation and commercialisation of the SWIP results).

Specific objectives:

· To disseminate the project results to the three main target groups: scientific community, companies and general public.

· To raise awareness and promoting the technology/product/service aspects of the small wind turbine systems demonstrated and their potential applications with potentially interested parties across potential user groups

· To establish that there is a market for small wind energy solutions through a thorough analysis of economic viability and risk in a 15-year perspective

· To prepare market take-up of the critical results using business-oriented commercialisation plans in line with the strategic objectives of the consortium partners