WP8 – Demonstration and validation

//WP8 – Demonstration and validation
WP8 – Demonstration and validation 2015-05-05T09:50:00+00:00

Main Objective:

To define and execute a complete testing of the technologies, solutions and new components for small and medium size wind turbines developed within SWIP in three different pilots across Europe and to validate the final behaviour and energy performance and compare it to the goals aimed.

Specific objectives:

· To develop a deployment plan for the three pilots, to schedule all the actuations that has to be carried out and identify the stakeholders involved, responsibilities, risks, mitigation plans, to ensure the success of the pilot testing phase

· To design a monitoring and metering programme to assess the wind turbines performance in each pilot site.

· To install all the elements to carry out the demonstration, and execute the metering and evaluation programme.

· To compare and analyse the theoretical energy performance and behaviour of the WTs elements with the real operation at the pilots.