WP7 – Noise, vibration and safety

//WP7 – Noise, vibration and safety
WP7 – Noise, vibration and safety 2015-05-05T09:51:38+00:00

Main Objective:

To develop and implement solutions to mitigate and to absorb the noise and vibration produced by the wind turbine and to study the existing regulations regarding the safety issues in small wind turbine operation.

Specific objectives:

· To assess the applicability of the current standards on noise and vibration to the field of small and medium wind turbines installed in urban areas.

· To carry out a theoretical modelling of specific airfoils in order to mitigate the noise and vibration inherent to their performance as much as possible.

· To implement the mitigating solutions into the previously developed airfoils

· To analyse the current standards on safety aspects of SWTs

· To study the requirements demanded by the standards on EMI and ensure their fulfilment by the devices developed within SWIP.

· To carry out all the necessary safety tests specified in the analysed regulations.