WP6 – Structure integration in buildings/districts

//WP6 – Structure integration in buildings/districts
WP6 – Structure integration in buildings/districts 2017-05-29T07:17:11+00:00

Main Objective:

To analyse the structure and anchorage elements of small and medium size wind turbines for their installation into districts and buildings and to develop best practices guidelines, for the aesthetic integration of these systems into urban and peri-urban settings, so as to guarantee social acceptance of wind turbines, maximise civic (urban design) amenity and create positive visibility of appropriate urban wind devices. To increase market uptake and CO2 savings.

Specific objectives:

· To perform structural analysis of the masts to choose the proper mast structure for each type of SWT developed within SWIP and further manufacture them.

· To analyse the different possibilities for anchoring the WT to the different locations proposed within the project and implement the vibration reduction solutions from WP7.

· To carry out an architectonic and structural study of the different buildings in each type of district, to assess the boundary conditions and specifications to be complied with by the SWTs in order to ensure wide deployment potential within current architectural, planning and safety restrictions across the EU.

· To determine the most suitable way of integrating SWTs in buildings and districts focusing on urban and peri-urban areas, and to develop a list of guidelines and best practices to facilitate a smooth implementation of WT in the wider post project context.