WP4 – New blades design

//WP4 – New blades design
WP4 – New blades design 2017-05-29T07:17:11+00:00

Main Objective:

Design and develop cutting-edge technology wind blades, which maximize the wind energy conversion in each type of final model, addressing small and medium size wind turbines and considering both vertical and horizontal axis for different use. The new blades will also contribute to the objectives of reducing vibration and noise coming from those elements, addressing the overall operation goals established in SWIP.

Specific objectives:

· To carry out computational fluid-dynamic studies and outline the first blades design, ensuring their optimal performance according to the wind regime expected in urban and peri-urban areas.

· To assess their aesthetical impact and improvements in the design according to aesthetic parameters before integrating them into the urban districts.

· To analyse the economic feasibility of the implementation of pitch control for the blades for wind turbines over 30 kW.

· To design and manufacture the wind blades for the three pilots envisaged for the project and prepare the scaled models of blades to be tested within a wind tunnel.

· To set up the manufacture methodology for further commercialization of the wind turbine blades.