WP1 – European framework assessment

//WP1 – European framework assessment
WP1 – European framework assessment 2015-05-05T09:52:09+00:00

Main Objective:

To set up a comprehensive benchmark that includes the most significant European legal and technical frameworks regarding small wind energy turbines regulations, the generation technologies and the energy plans for cities.


Specific objectives:

· To study the current available technologies and products regarding small and medium size wind turbines.

· To analyse the economic and legal status of this sector, taking special care about the energy plans applied in the European cities, focusing mainly in the locations where the pilots are going to be installed.

· To carry out a social awareness and persuasion campaign to show to the public the advantages of integrate this kind of turbines in their neighbourhoods.

· To set a technical framework throughout the project for the scalability of the solutions those are going to be proposed and developed.