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Trinity College is an ancient multidisciplinary university in central Dublin, Ireland. It has a student body of about 15,000 at both undergraduate and postgraduate level with s strong international outlook. It has a strategic research focus on five key areas – European & International Integration, Culture & Creative Arts, Materials & Intelligent Systems, Biosciences & Translational Research and Transport, Energy & Environment. In these areas, Trinity has significant research activities. The management structure consists of 20 schools with a number of associated research institutes.

The Mechanical Engineering Department within the school of engineering houses a number of research groups including a fluids, acoustics and vibration group containing 3 professors, 5 post doc researchers and approximately 20 graduate students. This group has access to specialist labs, wind tunnels, PIV systems, laser Doppler scanners and microphone arrays. The group also has expertise in numerical modelling.

The Fluids, Acoustics & Vibration Group from the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Trinity College Dublin has been conducting research for many years on modelling and analysis.

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

The TCD group has strong experience in noise source modelling and exterior acoustics. It has access to advanced instrumentation and a long history of engagement with European aerospace companies in both propeller and jet noise m modelling. The TCD group has also developed high efficiency propagation codes for use in models where propagation over acoustically large systems is required. These include noise barriers and commercial aricraft fuselages. This activity in WP7 is the main part of the proposed TCD activity. Some examples of references related to the project are:

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