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Solearth (Architecture) Ltd are professional architects with a special expertise, built up over 15 years, in sustainable design at a deep and rigorous level. We are recognised for having created Irelands most noted low energy and sustainable buildings and communities Our design process, finds the art in science using the rigour of analysis and simulation to build up building solutions, the implementation of which constitutes research in practise. Solearth is based in Ireland with projects across Ireland and further afield. Our architects, designers and researchers work at both theoretical and practical level, refining design and technical concepts and models and implementing them in real projects and built buildings. We use both intuitive and heuristic approaches backed up with modelling and simulation to optimise building design solutions and stay at the cutting edge of international best practise. We are connected to Dublin Institute of Technology / Dublin School of Architecture as lecturers and researchers and can draw in researchers and academics as well as other energy and building physics consultants as required. Solearth is an agile learning organisation with roots in the professional practise, academic and European research spheres.

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

Solearth have over 14 years experience designing buildings and structures in the built and rural environment. Relevant projects have ranged from design of long span structure of a factory to buildings accommodating visitor and interpretative centres, observatories and retreats in sensitive rural and coastal environments around Ireland and elsewhere. Our capacity as designers of sensitive aesthetically pleasing and ecologically advanced constructions is proven and attested to by numerous awards received.

Participation in research projects:

  • Climawin (Research for Benefit of SMEs) ; A research project to develop a preheating ventilation window that is intelligent, controllable and suitable for the retrofit market. Complete Sept 2012.
  • ClimawinDA (Research for Benefit of SMEs-Demonstration Activities); A project to demonstrate, test, proof and disseminate upon the operation of Climawin technology in diverse settings and climates. Commencing late 2012