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Katharina Krell
+32 240 01005

Greenovate! Europe is a European expert group dedicated to support open innovation processes with a green edge. Its members are experienced professionals with business and technical expertise able to facilitate and communicate innovation processes for environmental technologies along the entire innovation value chain from research to market. G!E provides innovation support services at EU level to research laboratories, technology developers, companies willing to acquire new technologies, and investors.

The core expertise of Greenovate! Europe relates to:

  • Identification of exploitable knowledge
  • Knowledge commercialisation: bringing R&D results to the market through licensing out, spinning-out new ventures and technology sale
  • Strategic analysis, technical and commercial evaluation of knowledge and technologies, legal services and IPR management, access to finance
  • Communicating and disseminating research results to a variety of audience.

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

All technologies and services that have a positive life-cycle impact on the environment, such as renewables, energy efficiency, sustainable construction, water and waste water, land and soil remediation, clean production processes, bio-based products, etc.

Geographical outreach: Greenovate! Europe is a membership-based non-for-profit structure headquartered in Brussels. It recruits its 31 members currently from 13 European Members States. It has extended networks into those communities related to eco-innovation (science, clusters, intermediaries, SMEs, finance).

G!E’s legal entity is “European Economic Interest Group” (EEIG). Members carry out project tasks, on top of the activities of the Brussels Secretariat. When an EEIG participates, a special clause 10 is inserted in the GA; this clause allows the members of the EEIG to carry out work under the GA. The third parties for SWIP are 3 SMEs: Van der Meer & van Tilburg (NL), and CEIS 128 (FR).

Greenovate! Europe has strong experience in leading exploitation and dissemination tasks.