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Established in 1927, KEMA is an independent knowledge leader and a global provider of high-level services to the energy value chain, including business & technical consultancy, operational support, measurements & inspection, and testing & certification. KEMA provides impartial advice and support to the producers, suppliers and end users of electricity, gas and heat, as well as to governmental bodies. In addition, the company also certifies products, systems and individuals for a wide range of clients.

Power Generation & Renewables (PGR) serves the electric power generation sector including all large scale power generation technologies, such as coal, gas, nuclear, biomass, waste-to-energy, wind and solar. Apart from services related to the power generation lifecycle, PGR also provides advice on upcoming or new technologies such as smart grids, CHP, carbon capture and storage, and energy storage.

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

Demonstration of grid-connected electricity storage. GROW-DERS, EU

GROW-DERS offered a solution involving transportable and flexible storage based on newly developed power electronics. This demonstrated the technical feasibility and economic viability of storage systems. At four sites, three different storage systems and a combination set-up have been demonstrated.

Sustainable off-grid powerstation for rural applications. SOPRA, NL

To develop a modular platform for rural power supply. This platform is based on the Multi-source Hybrid Inverter (MHI) that has been developed in The Netherlands, combined with an electricity storage system.

Electric vehicles and demand-side management. ITM, NL

Within this project concepts for network management will be developed for the network operators and specifications will be written for the supporting IT. Also, technical feasibility and social acceptance are taken into account of influencing the demand side by batteries of electric cars and electric heat pumps in energy storage systems.

Save and standardized concept of EV battery switch technology. EasyBAT, EU FP7

EasyBAT will develop (i) generic interfaces to improve interoperability between the battery system modules and the vehicle on board-systems and (ii) new components for an easy & safe location and quick integration of the battery in the vehicle. (iii) At each stage of the project, the EasyBAT partners will assess the feasibility of the overall battery swapping concept considering costs, logistics, and environmental aspects.

Inventory for Smart Power Systems simulation models, NL

Distributed generation; Energy supply business and operations processes; Modeling; Net studies; Planning; Requirements Study; Simulation study; Software; Specification; System operations.