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Julien Berthaut-Gerentes
+33 240 710 505

Meteodyn is a French company created in 2003 by Didier Delaunay. Since then, the company has known an important growth thanks to the quality and the regular developments of the software and business consulting services. Research and innovation are a priority to meet all demands of more and more customers throughout the world.

Meteodyn is dedicated to wind computational calculations and wind engineering consulting. Our main product is the computation software Meteodyn WT, world leader for wind resource assessment in complex terrains. Also, Meteodyn performs all kinds of studies for wind parks projects and optimization: from wind resource to site adequacy to lay-out definition to operation and maintenance, including production forecast.

Meteodyn acts also in other engineering fields: transport safety (trains, boat, bridges,…), civil construction safety and comfort (Eurocode I, pedestrian comfort, natural ventilation,…)

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

Meteodyn was leader and coordinator of WEATHER. This 2-years European project (FP6) dealt with alarm systems for high winds. It involved 10 SMEs from 4 European countries.

Meteodyn formed part of IRCAD. This French project founded by PREDIT was concerning high winds for transportation safety.

Meteodyn is part of ENVIE, a French collaborative research 2-years program. It integrates multi-scale and multicriteria 3D-representation to analyze and understand the city.

Meteodyn won the OSEO prize “Technology Fast 50” in 2011 September