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Diego López Andia
+34 976 126 641

FORES is a technological based Spanish company and since its origins, its objective has been the development of highly innovating projects in the field of renewable energies directly oriented to market. FORES offers solutions that allow to optimize energy production from renewable resources and to favour its growth and penetration in the electrical system. It is a spin-off of the CIRCE research center from Zaragoza.

With some patents obtained since its creation in 2010, FORES features its own technology, through which provides electrical tests services in wind turbines and photovoltaic plants.

FORES designs and manufactures small power electronic converters (up to 10kW) for small and isolated generation facilities and for grid integration as inverters, rectifiers, battery chargers, supply systems, etc. Nowadays it is working on other lines such the design and manufacture of digital protections of power electronic systems, of which is currently on the early field tests of the first prototype equipment.

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

In recent years, the company has participated in various research and development projects and is currently working on several projects in some as coordinator and in other as partner.

FORES is currently working on the following R&D project:

  • R&D project financed by the Ministry of Competitiveness of Spain (INNPACTO) for the development of an intelligent microgrids controller device that allows an increase in the integration of renewables in the generation mix through optimal management of the available resources in microgrids.
  • AUTOGENER project. This project is financed by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and consists in the development of a small-power generation system (up to 5kW) for hybrid systems composed of various generation technologies such as wind and photovoltaic