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KTH is responsible for one third of Sweden’s capacity for technical research and is the country’s largest organizer of technical/engineering education at university level. KTH is organized into nine Schools, each covering a major field of engineering science. KTH education and research covers a broad spectrum – from natural sciences to all branches of engineering plus architecture, industrial economics, urban planning, work science and environmental technology. In addition to the research carried out by KTH’s Schools, a large number of national Competence Centres are located at KTH. Various research foundations also finance a number of research programmes.

There are 12.000 full year-equivalent undergraduate students, over 1 400 active research students and 2 800 full time-equivalent employees.

KTH is at present (November 2010) involved in 136 ongoing EU projects of which 115 belong to the Seventh Framework Programme. Of the latter, 22 are coordinated by KTH.

The Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory for sound and vibration research is the largest Scandinavian university research group in acoustics. The conducted research rages from experimental investigations of structural vibrations to state of the art flow acoustic research in the largest acoustic chambers in Scandinavia equipped with wind tunnel facility.

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

The Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory will contribute to the project by acoustical expertise by leading WP7 “Noise, vibration and safety” and take an active part to develop the tasks in this work package.

The Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory has conducted research on wind turbine noise over the last ten years and thus have experience end excellent resources to model and experimentally examine wind turbine noise.

Participation in research projects:

  • EU-COSMA community oriented solutions to minimize aircraft noise, Bolin has conducted large field surveys of aircraft noise.
  • Sarcade Sustaining Acoustic pleasantness within Rural and Community Development, (Swedish research foundation FORMAS). Bolin has investigated wind turbine noise, developed improved noise estimation measures and conducted psycho-acoustical tests.
  • Disturbances from wind turbine noise, a sound quality comparison, (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency), Bolin have been investigating sound quality issues around wind turbines.
  • Advanced modeling of sound propagation in complex terrain, (Swedish Energy Agency).
  • Masking of wind turbine noise, (Swedish Energy Agency).