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Arturas Dimša
+370 698 20572

The company Poliplastas was established in 1998. At the beginning of the company’s activity the main production involved: bathtubs, massage bathtubs, containers of different range, various glassfiber finishing as well as design elements.

In the course of time the technology of manufacturing various models and forms was reclaimed. The production of large dimensions and high quality forms intended for mass production of making components for wind turbines’ was started.

From Y2003 we joined Bach Composite Industries and became Bach Group member. Bach Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbine components from fibreglass materials. Bach Group and Vestas are researching and manufacturing new wind turbines.

Our role in this group to manufacture high quality, long life and with small deformations moulds and prototypes

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

Poliplastas will be responsible for creation of blade for wind turbines and manufacturing of prototypes of blades.