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CIRCE Foundation (Centre of Research for Energy Resources and Consumption) was established in 1993 as an independent Research Centre. In year 2001, CIRCE was recognized as National Centre of Innovation and Technology. CIRCE ´s main activities are related to R&D&i and technical training for postgraduates and professionals in the energy sector, focusing in energy efficiency, sustainability of energy resources, and renewable energy. CIRCE has a staff of over 190 full time people with multidisciplinary profiles including researchers and collaborating professors. Since 1993, CIRCE has conducted more than 1.600 projects proving its self-financing capacity. CIRCE maintains a national leadership position in the field of Energy Efficiency, being the 3rd national research centre getting more projects in competitive calls during period 2004-2007 in Spain.

Relevant network and experience in National and European projects

CIRCE is member of EUREC (European Renewable Energy Centres Agency), EWEA (European Wind Energy Association), EAWE (European Academy of Wind Energy), PTE-EE (Spanish Energy Efficiency Technology Platform), and other platforms and associations related to EE and RE such as: E2BA (European Energy Efficient Association), IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology), ETP ZEP (European Zero emissions Platform).

CIRCE is also a very active actor in the R&D projects at Spanish level and European level, participating in important Renewable Energy integration and wind energy projects, such as AVER: Optimization and demonstration of a new small wind, vertical axis turbine for micro-generation, REVE: Wind regulation fostering EV integration among others. Currently, CIRCE is participating in 11 on-going FP7 European collaborative projects.

Regarding the power curve task, CIRCE has a Metrology Laboratory, LME-CIRCE, accredited by the Spanish Accreditation Body (ENAC) for Power Performance Characterisation of Wind Turbines. LME-CIRCE also belongs to the European Network of Wind Metrology Laboratories MEASNET for Power Performance tests.