Money-saving small wind turbines: myth or reality?

Small wind turbines promise a decentralised and clean energy source, but what can be done to make them more cost effective? At the moment, better use of feed-in tariffs is recognised as a potentially effective […]

Small wind turbines: navigating the ‘jungle’

While large scale wind turbines gather momentum, the installation of smaller ones in Europe is progressing very slowly. One of the major problems is the lack of certified machines. Turbine producers are put off by […]

New blades and generators for more efficient small wind turbines

Small wind turbines, for domestic and small scale commercial use, are currently relatively expensive and struggle to compete with solar solutions. The key to increasing their competitiveness is bringing down their cost and improving performance.

Small wind turbines: a glimmer of hope for Poland’s wind energy sector?

A new Polish law imposing rules for the installation of wind turbines is likely to limit the development of renewables in the country, which continues to focus on its main energy source, coal. However, small […]

Gauging public opinion on small wind turbines

There are currently more than 900’000 small wind turbines in use worldwide and estimates suggest that could increase by 20 percent by 2020. But, there has been a lack of research on public opinion on […]

The small wind turbines you’ll want in your back yard

A European Commission strategic plan wants to see 20% penetration of wind energy throughout the EU by 2020. The growing trend for decentralised energy generation by home and business owners could help meet […]