Steering Committee meeting and Dissemination Workshop

//Steering Committee meeting and Dissemination Workshop

Steering Committee meeting and Dissemination Workshop

The first steering committee of SWIP project was held in Sheffield on April 1st, Great Britain. The University of Leeds hosted this event in its facilities and welcomed all Project partners coming from Spain, France, Ireland, Poland and Belgium, as well as the Third parties VMT and CEIS coming from Netherlands and France respectively. The meeting was attended by 17 people plus two persons from KTH and KEMA who attended remotely to the meeting.

The main objectives of the meeting were to review the results achieved in the first six months of the Project, as well as to coordinate the work planned for the next six months and to consolidate a shared common vision of the Project.

During the meeting an overview of the Project planning and management plan were undertaken. Finally, the Work Package leaders presented the status of the Work Packages and the planned activities for the next six months. There was a productive exchange of ideas and fruitful agreements were made with regard to the organization of work within the tasks.

The Steering Committee meeting was followed the day after by a Dissemination Workshop who was leaded by Greenovate! Europe. Within this workshop, the first results of the market analysis were presented as well as a roundtable activity to set the basis for an exploitation strategy.